Sun Smarter Life Elite Insurance Plan: Guaranteed Income Until Age 100

Sun Smarter Life Elite is a participating, limited pay whole life insurance plan that provides cash benefit equal to 8% of the Face Amount starting at the end of the 6th policy year, and every 2 years afterward, until age 100.

Are you not comfortable with the volatility of the investment fund in a V.U.L. plan?

Then, maybe this plan can fit your risk profile and needs. Let’s talk more about the benefits of having a Sun Smarter Life Elite insurance plan.

This plan can give you:

  • 200% of the face amount as life insurance coverage
  • 8% of the face amount will be given as guaranteed payout starting at the end of the 6th policy year, and every 2 years afterward, until age 100.
  • Cash savings c/o cash values and dividends
  • Fixed premiums all throughout the paying period
  • Optional additional benefits of waiver of premium payments upon total disability, accidental benefit, critical illness benefit, and hospital confinement
  • Life insurance coverage until age 100

How does Sun Smarter Life Elite insurance plan work?

Let’s take an example to better illustrate the benefits of the Sun Smarter Life Elite insurance plan.

sun smarter life elite
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Juan dela Cruz, age 30, and a non-smoker client wanted to avail of this plan with 1Million face amount. By availing of the plan with 1Million face amount, he will have the following benefits:

Life Insurance Coverage: 2Million (200% of the face amount)

Guaranteed Payout at the end of 6th yr and every 2 yrs after until age 100: Php 80,000

Guaranteed Cash Value @ age 65: Php 1.5Million

Accumulated Dividends @ age 65: Php 1.3Million (assuming @ 3.8%)

Total Living Benefits at age 65: Php 2.9Million (sum of Guaranteed Cash Value & Accumulated Dividends)

Waiver of Premium upon Total Disability

Accidental Death Benefit: Php 2Million

Living Benefit Rider – Option to claim in advance of up to 60% of the basic Face Amount if the life insured is diagnosed to be terminally ill with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

Fixed Premium for 10 yrs: Php 196,120 per year

You may think that the premium of the plan is very pricy, but I’m telling you, it’s still worth it because of the possible benefits Juan dela Cruz can get from the plan.

Let’s do some computation:

Total Investment for 10 years: Php 1,961,200

If Juan opts to receive his guaranteed payout starting at the end of the 6th year of his plan until age 65, the total payouts he will be receiving is Php 1.2Million.

And if he decides to get the Total Living Benefit of Php 2.9Million at the age of 65, the total benefits he has just enjoyed from availing of Sun Smarter Life Elite plan is Php 4.1Million. This includes the total payouts he has received from the plan starting from the end of the 6th year.

That’s just a difference of a Php 2.1Million or more than 100% return from his total investment! Just take note that if he opts to do this, his insurance coverage will already be terminated.

But if in case Juan decides to retain the insurance coverage but still wanted to get the withdrawable accumulated dividends at age 65, the total cash benefits he gets to enjoy at age 65 is Php 2.5Million (Php 1.2Million from the payout & Php 1.3Million from the accumulated dividends). And he will still continue to receive the payout of Php 80,000 every 2 years because his Sun Smarter Life Elite plan is still in force.

So, who doesn’t want to have Sun Smarter Life Elite plan, right?

You can use Sun Smarter Life Elite insurance plan as part of your retirement plan. This is very ideal for individuals who are really not comfortable with the volatility of investing in the stock market.


Sun Smarter Life Elite plan is not dependent on the stock performance. You will be getting the guaranteed payout of 8% of the Face Amount, no matter what is the current performance of the stock market. Just like that! Doing nothing at all.

You can also use this as a gift or pamana to your children or grandchildren. Make your kid a millionaire, ika nga.

Interested to get this plan for you?

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