How to Buy Insurance Online

Buying insurance is now easier compared to before.

Even there is a risk of Covid-19 virus everywhere that face to face meeting for life insurance application is not recommended, the Insurance Commission (IC) made sure that this should not hinder people getting insured and protected.

That’s why most insurance companies today had already implemented non-face to face process for those clients who want to buy insurance online especially during these times.

Requirements to Buy Insurance Online

  • Internet Connection

This lockdown period, financial planning can be done preferably through a video call meeting. That is why having a stable internet connection is needed as much as possible. This is also one way to verify clients who want to buy insurance online.

  • Active E-mail

Having an active e-mail is required. Witnessing our clients signing their application forms is required before. But since we’re on a quarantine period, an email will be sent to you where you will confirm your application details.

  • Valid ID

Valid ID is still one of the requirements to buy insurance online. As much as possible, present a government issued ID.

  • Access to Internet Banking or E-wallets

While you can pay in cash/check for the initial payment of your insurance application before, access to internet banking is a must today during this quarantine period. You can pay your initial payment using the online fund transfer option from your bank account, GCash, or PayMaya. Hassle-free, right?

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How to Apply/Buy Insurance Online

First, set a virtual appointment with your Trusted Financial Advisor.

Once you’re done with the Financial Needs Analysis with your Financial Advisor, you can now proceed with your insurance application by 4 easy steps.

  1. Fill up your details in the Application Form (to be sent by your Trusted Financial Advisor)
  2. Submit your Valid ID(s) (thru e-mail or private messenger)
  3. Confirm Application details via e-mail
  4. Pay the initial payment (fund transfer, bills payment, etc.)

And there you go! You can already have the peace of mind of getting insured and protected today while in the comfort of your home!

Take advantage of this process today as this is only applicable during the Community Quarantine period, at least with Sun Life.

For the past three years as a Financial Advisor, I’ve been getting a lot of excuses from people who have inquired about life insurance.

Remember, you can always say you’re busy, or have no time to meet with a Financial Advisor. You can always say it’s expensive or you don’t need it.

But when the need comes, it may be too late for you to get one. Or worse, you’re not eligible to have life insurance anymore.

You see, most of the time, insurance is our least priority. But in times of emergency, this will be the first one that we’ll look for.

So get yourself insured today!

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