6 Steps to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor This 2020

Been wondering how to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor during this pandemic time? 

I actually have good news for you! 😊

If you’re interested to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor this time, there’s no need for you to take licensure exams first. You’ll be able to help Filipino people acquire insurance plans by having a temporary license in the meantime.

Let me tell you step by step on how you can start this life-changing career of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor and become part of my team.

1. Submit Resume

Send your most updated resume to this email: christinecaranyagan@gmail.com

You can also reach me out thru this number: 0935 7368 619 or here: //m.me/chrstncrnygnfbpage so I know that you have submitted one. Then I’ll be sending you a video for you to watch so you get to know more about the company.

2. Get interviewed.

After watching the video that I’ve sent you, I’ll schedule us for an online meeting via Zoom to share more details and what you can expect throughout the process of becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

3. Enrollment to online training.

After the interview, we’ll now process your enrollment in online training. Here is the list of the online training you should attend to.

  • Traditional Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Sun Life Training Course (SLTC) 

For your convenience, having your own laptop and stable internet is a must on this step. You can finish all these in less than a week depending on your pace. The earlier you finish this online training, the earlier you can enjoy the benefits of becoming a Sun Life Financial Advisor.

4. Submit licensing requirements

  • 1 x 1 pictures with collar, yellow background (4pcs)
  • Latest (previous year) filed ITR BIR Form 1700, 1701, 1702 or 2316; If not available, letter explaining why there is no ITR, addressed to the Insurance Commission
  • Photocopy of TIN ID. If none, ITR will do.
  • Photocopy of SSS ID or Personal Data Form (online) or E1. UMID not acceptable
  • Valid NBI Clearance (Original Copy) and must be valid in the next 6 months upon submission
  • Clearance from immediate previous employer if not currently employed (3 years or less) STATING NO ACCOUNTABILITY
    • If currently employed – photocopy of company ID
    • If Project or Contractual employee without ID – copy of contract.
    • If with own business – copy of business registration (DTI, SEC, Mayor’s Permit)
  • If currently a government employee, letter from management of the government office (using letterhead) allowing to sell life insurance while employed
  • Clear Photo of Validated Deposit Slip or Email confirmation of Transfer of Licensing fee Php 1,515 each for Traditional and VUL or P3,030.00 for both*
    Account Name: Sun Life of Canada Phils Inc
    BPI – 0073 1754 37
    BDO – 00 0460 0284 64
    RCBC – 3001 0084 38
  • If from another life insurance company, clearance with license details: number and date issued or examination results
  • Training Certificates – Insurance Concepts (Life and VUL) and SLTC
  • Additional documents might be required upon request.

5. Coding.

Once all licensing requirements have been done & submitted, you will be given a Sun Life Financial Advisor Code which makes it official that you can already sell Sun Life insurance products. 

6. Attend additional training & branch/team meetings.

For almost 4 years of being a Financial Advisor, sharpening my saw every now & then was what really helped me to become more equipped, stand out among others, and stand stronger every year. 

I really don’t have any background in sales. Everything I’ve been doing was the application of what I’ve learned from the training/meetings I’ve attended inside and outside of Sun Life. If a shy & introverted person like me can excel in this industry, I strongly believe that you can, too. 🙂

Benefits of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor (Based on Experience)

  1. You write your own income. Your income depends on the effort you exert on this job. What you earn on a monthly basis from your fixed earning job can be earned on a single cut-off as a Financial Advisor. Your biggest dreams like buying your first car or house and lot can be achieved in a short span of time when you pursue this job.
  1. You can receive monthly bonuses. Sun Life knows you deserve the best as a Financial Advisor who helps Filipino families achieve lifetime financial security. That’s why, to compensate your effort on this, you’re not entitled to only receive once a year bonus, but bonuses equivalent to 12x a year.
  1. You make your own schedule. As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, you get to enjoy work-life balance because you have the option to set your working time. In that way, you’ll not gonna miss important events in your life & there’s no need for you to ask permission from your boss in case you want to take a leave or rest.
  1. You experience different opportunities of professional growth. This has been one of my goals when I resigned from my first job as a bank teller for almost 2 years. Working for two years in a bank made me realize how repetitive my work was. But as a Financial Advisor, I really did find the professional growth I am looking for where work is not repetitive and you will be continuously trained and coached by well-known mentors in the industry making you more equipped as a Sun Life Financial Advisor.
  1. You dream bigger (even the impossible ones). A job with fixed working hours & income sometimes gives you limitations of what you can dream of. Before, I thought I could only earn 4-digit income per cut-off. But when I pursued this job as a Sun Life Financial Advisor, I learned that I can earn as high as 5 to 6 digit income per cutoff. With this experience, I learned to dream bigger. If before I thought I could never earn higher than 6-digit income per month, I know it’s possible now as a Financial Advisor. I know I can achieve every dream I have as long as I exert more than the required effort in this job.
  1. You can enjoy free local & international travels. You can get to experience all-expense paid team buildings held in different parts of the country, and company travels where you can just enjoy your time & life because your hard work just paid off.
  1. You get recognition. With Sun Life, your efforts no matter how small or big it is will be recognized & rewarded. That’s how the company values your effort to help Filipino families transform their finances.

*Other company benefits you can enjoy:

  1. HMO
  2. Group Life Insurance (after 2 years)
  3. Car loan
  4. House loan
  5. Clothing Incentives

Secrets to Become More Equipped as a Financial Advisor

  1. Regularly attend training/meetings. Trust me. By doing this, you’ll surely stand out, and end stronger as a Financial Advisor every year. This has been my most successful key why I experience the benefits I have right now working in this industry. 
  1. Pass the validation requirement. There is a validation requirement for you to keep your license as a Financial Advisor, and it’s very easy as long as you keep on doing activities whether you’re a part time or a full time Advisor. You can actually finish this validation requirement in less than 3 to 6 months.
  1. Bear in mind that you’re in the business of helping people. It’s more than a sales career. Being a Financial Advisor is a very noble & purposeful job. You help people transform their finances, secure their future, & educate them on how they can improve their finances. You just get a sense of fulfillment because your job helps families to be financially prepared for the future. 
  1. Have a vision of your dreams/goals. Being recognized as a top Financial Advisor can be one of your dreams/goals as a Sun Life Financial Advisor. It can also be becoming a Unit Manager within a year or in 2 years time. Or becoming a Sales Manager or Branch Manager someday. When you have this vision upon entering this industry, you’ll always get reminded of what you should be doing, or how much effort you should still exert more in achieving your goals. You’ll definitely find ways on how you can be more equipped, & how to stay stronger & longer as a Financial Advisor.
6 Steps to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor This 2020
President Month’s Branch Kick-Off
6 Steps to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor This 2020
Dreamer Sales Team
6 Steps to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor This 2020
Dreamer Sales Team as Top Unit
6 Steps to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor This 2020
Team Building @ Pradera Verde

So if you want to experience the fulfillment & joy of being a Sun Life Financial Advisor, here’s what you can do next.

Click the link below & fill up the form. 👇👇👇

>>>Application to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor<<<

I want to share how Sun Life can help you throughout this process of growing professionally. Be in the business of helping people. Be part of our team!

Click the link below & fill up the form. 👇👇👇

>>>Application to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor<<<

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